La Moustache Studio
Based in Lyon, France

Founding date:
June 21, 2012


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What happens when you mix Crimson Skies' fast-paced aerial combat with the humor and stylings of animated classics like TaleSpin and Porco Rosso? You get La Moustache Studio's newly released game for PC-- BOMB! In BOMB, you'll jump into the cockpit and run missions in the skies above and around a tropical paradise, earning money and experiencing the aerial adventure of a lifetime!


The Studio

In 2007, we (two friends) wanted to do a “Serious Sam-with-planes” game so we started to work on a game engine as a hobby. Both unemployed in December 2011, we went full time from then until now. BOMB is our first game and is 100% independent.

Note of intent

The game is about dogfight : you're in an armed aircraft and you shoot at another aircraft, simple. The controls are a mix between simulation and arcade, meaning flight models use real aircraft forces (lift, drag, etc..) but they are over-powered and light-weighted, so the flight dynamics are a more interesting than a totally arcade game : You must maneuver in 3D! Therefore, a joystick is strongly recommended, a gamepad with analog sticks is great too, but we don't recommend the keyboard experience. As an increasing amount of people were demanding it, we've added a mouse control mode. The game has both single and multi player game modes, including a solo adventure with a story. Modding tools are complimentary. Above all, this game is made to have fun!


Trailer (tl;dr) YouTube

Trailer (classical) YouTube


BOMB 2015-07-27 17-09-37-21.png
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Awards & Recognition

    Selected Articles

    • "I can’t see myself abandoning hard-drinking wino hero Marcel ‘La Moustache’ Gaston before his story’s done."
      - Tim Stone, Rock Paper Shothgun
    • "Aviation is fine as sport. But, as an instrument of war, it is nothing."
      - Ferdinand Foch, Wikipedia
    • "If you liked Crimson Skies & similar games, you should have fun with this little gem."
      - Some stingy bastard, The Pirate Bay

    BOMB's website (Coming soon)
    A place about to find info about the game and community content. This is in progress. http://bomb.lamoustache-studio.fr.

    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Jean-Baptiste Griffo
    Technical/Art Director, Founder

    Victor Chevallier
    Creative Director, Founder

    Geoffroy Bernard
    Vehicle Designer, Freelancer

    Jocelyn Millet
    Character Designer, Freelancer

    Eric Avondo
    Music, Freelancer

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